kayak half day

Recycle plastic Skimmer single touring kayak.

Made in South Africa           

Kayaks have been a traditional form of transport in many marine cultures all over the planet for thousands of years. 

There is a very good reason for this: these versatile, streamlined little boats are a fantastic way to get about on the water.  Our fleet comprises of single and tandem kayaks, well maintained and seaworthy.



Rent them by the day, half-day, or hour for a peaceful and informal way to explore the beauty of the bay.

 Single Kayak:

+ Half day: $10US

+ Full day: $15US

 Double kayak:

 + Full day: $25US

+ Half day $15US

 Kayak Testing: $4US/ hour

 Equipment included: Paddlers, dry bag, life – vest, Spray skirt, water – proof map, bilge Pump.


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