Catamaran Sailing half day

Eco tourism is an emerging market on Cat Ba Island.  Environmentally savvy tourists are becoming more and more aware of the huge stresses that unregulated mass tourism is having on the once-pristine Halong Bay.  It has become a moral requirement for many people to seek out eco-friendly alternatives to the cattle-market style diesel fuelled tourist barges.  Our James Wharram designed catamarans were assembled here on the island, and will whisk you away on an aquatic tour of the bay like no other!  No motor or generator will shatter the peace and quiet; the hum of the breeze through the rigging and the swishing of the aqua-dynamic hull slicing through the mirror-calm waters, combined with the exotic shrieks of seabirds whirling lazily over the cliffs are the only acoustic accompaniments to this trip.

You are so close to nature that you can watch the vibrant corals slide past on the ocean floor, see shoals of fish streak silver in the sun as they leap from the bow wave, and trail your hand in the silky sea.

You have total control on this tour: your experienced local skipper will helm your craft to isolated beaches, hidden caves, traditional floating villages, and pristine viewpoints.  If you are a sailor then feel free to take the helm, safe in the knowledge that the skipper will be able to guide you safely round the shallows. 
Great for a four-person day sail.

Skippered/Crewed day charter rate around Lan Ha bay and Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve:

 Half day: $30

(9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm).
Includes beaches such as: Monkey island, Twin beaches,  or Cat co 1,2,3.

 Full day: $50
To Dau Be point

Half day boat trip

Take a traditional Chinese fishing junk around the Cat Ba area to experience the beauty and tranquility of the ocean sights surrounding the island and Ha Long Bay area. These junks were built in Pak Hoi and in the picturesque fishing port of Apowan on Cat Ba Island.  They operate throughout the Bay of Along, from the waves of Fai Tsi Long, to the Norway Islands, and even on the shoals of Bach Long Vi Islet in the middle of the Tonkin Gulf.

During the American War, these junks were incredibly useful as mine sweepers in the area due to their extremely flat bottom and versatile steering.

You can take a trip back in time without the disturbing sound of motor engines to places where local old-timers still boast about the era of their grand fathers, when the main town of CatBa was dotted with casinos, opium lounges and Tuong Opera-like theatre for off-shore Chinese mercenaries.


Fully skippered 43ft traditional sailing Junk

Auxiliary Isuzu 44hp inboard engine


Half day charter: $66US

Full day charter: $121US

kayak half day

Recycle plastic Skimmer single touring kayak.

Made in South Africa           

Kayaks have been a traditional form of transport in many marine cultures all over the planet for thousands of years. 

There is a very good reason for this: these versatile, streamlined little boats are a fantastic way to get about on the water.  Our fleet comprises of single and tandem kayaks, well maintained and seaworthy.



Rent them by the day, half-day, or hour for a peaceful and informal way to explore the beauty of the bay.

 Single Kayak:

+ Half day: $10US

+ Full day: $15US

 Double kayak:

 + Full day: $25US

+ Half day $15US

 Kayak Testing: $4US/ hour

 Equipment included: Paddlers, dry bag, life – vest, Spray skirt, water – proof map, bilge Pump.


Half day biking

Mountain Bike (ProfessionalTrek Bike 4500)

Equipment included: Helmet, repairing tool, bottle of water, spare tire, pump, map

Self-guided route:

Cross island jungle way (half day):

Phu Long harbour – Cat Ba town, or vice-versa (~25km).

Rolling hill all the way, no shade but good ocean views.

Sight seeing stops: Thien Long cave in Phu Long.

Cross island ocean way (half day):

Gia Luan harbour – Cat Ba town or vice-versa (~25km).

Sight seeing stops: Bee farm, cucupine farm, Trung Trang cave, Hospital cave

The loop (half day):

Start cycling in Cat Ba town touring the loop thru the National Park, Hien Hao village and Tran Chau fishing village. A good blend of coastal and jungle sceneries (~31km).

Flat road with two big climbs, shady and cool.

Sight seeing stops: Bee farm, Porcupine farm, Trung Trang cave, Hospital cave.

The Big loop (full day):

Start cycling in Cat Ba town to Phu Long fish farm via Ocean road 25km, visit Thien Long cave by boat.

Lunch at Hoang Long restaurant on mangrove wet land.

Cycle back to Cat Ba via the jungle route (25km), and visit Bee farm and cucupine farm on the way.

You also have the choice of seeing more caves such as Trung Trang cave, Hospital cave etc.

Half day: $10US

Full day: $15US

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